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Authors Guides for Formatting Papers to SS International Journal of Business and Management Research


1. First create an account for submitting an article.
2. Please submit the following files, as applicable to your article. For manuscripts created in a word processing program (e.g. MS Word)

The following types of article will be considered:

Research Articles:
Original research in various fields of commerce and management will be evaluated as research articles. Papers should be in English and should contain abstract.
Research Notes: These include articles such as preliminary notes on a study, manuscripts.
Reviews: Reviews of recent developments, improvements, discoveries and ideas in various fields of selected subjects.

General Format, Page Layout and Margins

Standard A4 portrait page set-up should be used. The left, right, top and bottom margins should be 1. Do not use any headers, footers or footnotes. No page numbers. Single column. All main text paragraphs, including the abstract, must be fully (left and right) justified. All text, including title, authors, headings, captions and body, will be Times New Roman font.


The title is to be written in 14 pt. Times New roman font, centred and using the bold and "Small Caps" formats. There should be 14 pt. (paragraph) spacing after the last line.


Author names are to be written in 12 pt. Times New Roman format, centred and followed by 12 pt. paragraph spacing. If necessary, use superscripts to link individual authors with institutions as shown above. Author affiliations are to be written in 11 pt. Times New Roman, centred, with email addresses, in 10 pt. , on the line following. The last email address should have a 36 pt. (paragraph) spacing following.


The Abstract section begins with the word, "Abstract" in 14 pt. Times New Roman, bold, "Small Caps" font with a 10pt. spacing following. The abstract must not exceed 150-200 words in length in 10 pt. Times New Roman. The text must be fully justified, with a 12 pt. paragraph spacing following the last line.


The Keywords section begins with the word, "Keywords" in 12 pt. Times New Roman, bold, "Small Caps" font. There may be up to five keywords (or short phrases) separated by commas.

Section and sub-section headings

Section headings are to be numbered 1 in 12 pt. bold "Small Caps" Times New Roman font. Subsection headings are numbered 1.1., 1.2. and so on in 12 pt. bold Times New Roman font.


Main-body text is to written in fully (left and right) justified 12 pt. Times New Roman font with a 1.5 line spacing following the last line of each paragraph, but a 12pt. (paragraph) line spacing following the last paragraph.

Figures and Tables

All inserts, figures, diagrams, photographs and tables must be centre-aligned and clear the colour diagrams may be presented. Figures must be numbered consecutively, 1, 2, etc., from start to finish of the paper, ignoring sections and subsections. All figures, tables, etc. must have a caption, centre-justified in 10 pt. Times New Roman. Captions should be mentioned above the table.


The authors should list all references alphabetically. It must be single spaced, and at the end of the research paper. Each reference should be at 0.25" indent from the left. The authors are advised to use Harvard Referencing System, and mention only those references actually used in their research article/paper.

Brief about Authors (Not more than 200 words)